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The Witcher Project - The Nilfgaard Empire

Researching the history of Nilfgaard I decided to pre-date the period of the Great War with the Northern Kingdoms and begin the campaign scenarios with the consolidation of the Empire known as the Southern Conquests of 1239. 

This offers an advantage of gradually building up the Nilfgaard collection as most of its troops would come from the annexed kingdoms. As the individual armies are completed, I can conduct tests of scenarios and the siege rules as time permits. 

The Southern Conquests of 1239.
In 1239, the emperor, known as the “Usurper”  as his actual name is nowhere mentioned in the novels, needed to secure his position and deal with the recalcitrant kingdoms before considering an invasion of the Northern lands beyond the Yaruga River. The long campaign involves a series of methodical invasions and annexation of Ebbing. Maecht, Metinna and Nazair.  All, fall in rapid succession to the mighty armies of Nilfgaard; only Nazair continues its resistance well after the occupation of its lands.

Map: Nilfgaard Empire (Witcher Wikia)

Nilfgaard troops are described in the books as the “Black ones”; this may be a reference to the dark uniforms they wore or describing their evil behaviour toward the people they conquered. Aside from the uniform colour, the sun emblem is seen on their flags, badges, shields and emblazoned on the armour of the elite units. 

The Sun Emblem (Witcher Wikia)

Nilfgaard fielded the largest armies during all three wars and have a number of them operating in the field during any given campaign year as they did during the Third Nilfgaard-Nordling War. During this particular war, the Empire was able to commit three armies for three separate fronts.

Nilfgaard Army.
0 -1 Household Guard (3Kn) Only when the Emperor is present.
2 - 4 Nobles (3Kn)
1 - 3 Men-at-arms (Cv)
2 - 4 Spearmen (Sp)
1 - 2 Halberdiers (4Bd)
1 - 2 Crossbow (4Cb)

Known units:
At the Witcher Wikia you can find a list of known units within the Nilfgaard army. I do not intend to duplicate any of these but what is note worth are the non-human elements recorded as participating in the campaigns. Two of the Elves, formerly of the Vrihedd unit make an appearance in the Witcher 3 series and play an important part as leaders of the guerrilla war in the north. 

The first twelve elements are ready to take the field. The next figures to paint are those of Ebbing and will have a similar colour scheme as Nilfgaard with the exception Ebbing tunics are blue and not red. Flags will be added later and these will have their own bases so as to facilitate their being swapped. The flags for the annexed kingdoms will have the sun motif appearing in addition to their original designs; this will eliminate the need for duplicate command stands with figures.  

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